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It is said the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.  Problem admitted, solution rejected.

At the risk of seeming like I’m in total denial, I admit I know my addiction is not healthy.  Some people liken drinking soda to ingesting car battery acid.  My justification is that I brush my teeth at least twice daily.

My dependence was at its worst when I was pregnant.  After three months of withdrawal headaches, my OB suggested I go back to one a day or he’d send me to a neurologist.

To date, my “little problem” has landed me a load of swag through My Coke Rewards.  So far:

  • 2 or 3 magazine subscriptions
  • picnic plate set/cooler
  • miniature hand vacuum
  • recycled Coke bottle necklace/earrings
  • Mp3 player given to my sister
  • Diet Coke yoga mat (admittedly a bit counter-intuitive)
  • aviator sunglasses on their way in the mail

I am a walking Diet Coke advertisement.  My burgeoning 40-something swimsuit waistline proves it.  Hey … we all have our vices, and I’m keeping mine.


Have a (diet) Coke and a smile.

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May 29, 2012 · 6:43 pm

Can you imagine?

Second only to growing a tiny human being inside my body, I bet getting published and selling a story for filming has to feel incredible.  Elation.

I participate in a group called Apocalypse Whenever on goodreads.  What a relief to discover other twisted people out there like me who enjoy end-of-world stories a little too much.  No longer will I think I’m the only freak who likes a good tale of humanity’s destruction.  I’ll cease to hide my desensitization via over-consumption of ’70s and ’80s media.  There are other people to celebrate it with me!

One of the author/participants in the group, Hugh Howey, has recently signed on with Random House UK and 20th Century Fox.  The cover of his book, Wool, caught my eye when recommended by other readers in the group.  He has an eloquence with language and a knack for description.  His website graphic is also eerily magnetic.  Quite a creative guy.

The other PA group members offered differing perspectives on some aspects I missed in the first and second books.  It’s good to have a peek from another reader’s point of view instead of only my own mind’s eye.

So part of my summer reading is mapped out.  I plan to finish the Wool series, look forward to the sixth installment, and then the big-screen version.  Hard to imagine.  Now there’s a fisheye lens!

My workaday greeting of, “Good morning/afternoon, XYZ Company, how may I help you” seems even more pathetic now.  But I’m not bitter.  Reading about Howey’s success motivates me to worry less about inconsequential matters and get to work on a new story of my own.

Hugh seems like a common enough fella, in a para-social relationship sort of way, who pops into the Apocalypse Whenever discussion now and then.  He started out self-publishing through Kindle and has moved on to bigger and better things.  I’m glad to see an indie author get the recognition he has surely worked long and hard to accomplish.

Maybe publishing and filming deals aren’t the end all, be all, but  … no, they probably are.  Good on ya, Hugh!


May 21, 2012 · 5:46 pm