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Recipe Records the 60’s Edition – review

the '60s Edition

Recipe Records

This post delves into new territory for me – a review of Recipe Records – the 60’s Edition.  Even though I read a lot of books, I only submit anything resembling a review either on Goodreads or Amazon to brag up someone’s work I wish other people to enjoy as much as I did.  So this time I’m doing so here!

I have yet to completely pan anything.  Negativity sucks — I don’t like to get it, much less give it as feedback.  Such is absolutely not the case here, as I have all good things to say about this honorific cookbook.  Double the reason I want to review Recipe Records – the 60’s Edition. The irony is I don’t cook!  It’s tedious, boring and nerve racking all at the same time.  Who has that kind of time-management skill?  Suffice to say, this little gem of a book makes me want to reach into another foreign area — the oven.

Lanea Stagg partnered with her friend, Maggie McHugh, who died young shortly after the initial project reached its fruition.  What began on a whim became a fun way for these authors to reach out to mutual music lovers and culinary crusaders.  The 60’s Edition serves in part as a tribute to a cherished friendship while making a statement of popular music’s value in culture and every-day life.  Anecdotes parsed out the book make it much more than simply a step-by-step directional guide.  It reads as a concise historical piece and nostalgic look back at music with clever connections to food.  A perfect combination of two things I love … eating and all things pop culture.  And the recipes sound yummy, too.

Yes, I am one of the people who endorsed the book within its pages.  So I’ll repeat — these feisty women precisely mix their love of cooking and music to a greater yield than I previously knew.  Copies of the book are available at Recipe Records.  Lanea also blogs at Rock Blocks and hosts her own internet radio show.  Check them out!

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You wanna talk about whaaat?

My long-time friend, Lanea, is kicking off her new internet radio show this Sunday, July 15.  She is the co-author of Recipe Records, a cookbook that celebrates the love of rock-n-roll AND food!  Lanea and her friend, Maggie, culminated their mutual passion de la’ melody into 170 music-themed recipes for the book.  

She made the announcement over the weekend of her upcoming first show and its guest line up on her blog Rockblocks.  Lanea will be interviewing an Evansville, Indiana band called The Phoenix Down.  This woman knows her stuff when it comes to popular music and its history, so it should be a fun feature.

I am also happy to announce that Lanea has asked me to be a guest interviewee.  She greatly encourages my writing aspirations, especially my personal penchant for stories with strong female main characters.  Lanea can appreciate a good narrative, either in song or prose, so it will great fun to be on the program.  I can’t wait to talk to her about her own plans for a second edition of Recipe Records either.

Here’s to women supporting each other and their respective labors of love.  I wish Lanea much luck in her newest media project.  So join us Sunday at 2:00 pm on blogtalkradio.com!


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