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Happy International Women’s Day!

The group is such an inspiring resource of information for anyone concerned with modern media representation of women. The following video should be shared with every young woman you know.

“What I have to say is far more important than how long my eyelashes are” – Alanis Morissette

I shared it with my young friend, Sam, who is one of the sharpest college students I know.  She gets it.  There are so many other girls like her who would, too.  Sam is outspoken, tolerant, and kind.  I hope she leads other young people to understand her points of view and possibly influence them to open their minds as well.

Another recent suggestion in’s newsletter was to talk to the men and boys in our lives about the effects of female objectification in the mainstream.  Part of their concept of getting healthy is consuming “media that uplifts women instead of limiting them.”  Males should not be excluded – we are all a part of the process.  And children’s behavior is learned from both good and bad examples.  Today is a day to celebrate the good ones.

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Looking good!

It’s time to compliment a local business on how their product looks instead of concentrating only how people look as we are so apt to do in American society.  So is this the most gorgeous looking latte you’ve ever seen or what?




Yes, it is somewhat odd that I continue to post pictures of coffee.  Big deal, right?  While it’s not important in the grand scheme, it’s still pretty precious to me.  We subsist on Folger’s at home, which my husband claims as gourmet and complains when I make Seattle’s Best or even Dunkin’ Donuts brand.  I just love the small indulgences in life, so my coffee has become important.  There are so many worse vices in which I could take part.  Those are long gone to the days of my over-indulgent youth.

Maybe that’s just my justification talking … but this beauty came from Big Momma’s on Commercial Street (“it’s all uptown”) in Springfield, Missouri.  A business organization I’m in had a meeting there yesterday, and I could not say no to this luscious treat.  The staff members there are always friendly and veggie lunch choices superb!  Plus, it’s in a part of the city that is slowly becoming reinvigorated, which is always a good thing.

I also feel like giving a superficiality update as well.  At the suggestion of, it’s been a week since setting my goal to compliment other women (young and oldish) on personal attributes other than their appearance.  While my incidences in doing so may not be off the chart, I am pleased to admit many more times than usual did I let someone know how helpful or kind I find them to be.  Once again, it’s the little things in life, and I hope my words brightened their days even the tiniest bit.

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Life gets in the way sometimes

Half-way through the month of January already, and I am only now considering goal-setting for 2012.  Like the title says, busy schedules can make prioritizing a little fuzzy at times.  I read a simple idea for a New Year’s Resolution, passed along by, that is terrifically difficult to qualify.
Get healthy.
It is a great suggestion and should be a priority.  But what are the terms by which to judge your success? (what I’ll call “MR”) is a “call-to-action campaign that seeks to empower women and girls to challenge limiting labels in order to realize their potential.”  I love their concept and hope to follow that mission in my words and acts on a daily basis.  MR’s challenge to “get healthy” does not center around unhealthy weight and physical ideals but “inner health and safety.”

A great suggestion is to keep physical appearance out of the center focus and concentrate more on how smart, confident and happy we are!  How different our world, or even just the United States, would be if we celebrate more attributes of substance and not just attempts at physical perfection.

What a different view of being healthy. Developing our talents, or what is called “potential for greatness” in MR’s latest campaign, is quite a challenge. Naming even one talent is hard to do, as women are usually less likely to brag on themselves or even say they are good at something.  We are socialized to deny compliments, much less compliment ourselves (*blush* for shame!).

I plan to spend the next week at least coming up with new and inventive ways to help boost my friends’ confidence.  Paying it forward, if you will.  My good luck in life has brought me so many creative, dynamic, self-confident (if not self-effacing) women who deserve praise.  Their selfless acts in both their professional and personal lives help other people every day, most of which goes unrecognized.

At the risk of too much self-congratulation, I dare to say my talent I hope to nurture is writing.  I want to keep doing so in this new year, honing my craft being the main goal and exorcising demons along the way a great add-on.  Other healthy practices include continuing yoga for the inner balance I seek and expressing my love of my son and family throughout the journey.

While results are perhaps difficult to measure, success is felt within, and I have great hopes for 2012!

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