Down State Road 66


Passersby likely suspect the eerie little house. The overgrown yard in a shaded wood within that isolated area lends to its rot being practically sensible by smell. She’d just been unfortunate enough to hit an animal when driving past and not simply write an apologetic note to the pet’s potential owner.

A final suspiration left her lungs as the man pulled her inside the sagging door frame after answering her knock. The woman scarcely deserved punishment for such a deed of Good Samaritanship. Not only would the dog she had fatally struck expire that morning but she would as well.


100-Word Challenge – WRITE


  1. I see houses like that a lot when I go out on photo hikes. I’ll be much more vigilant now before approaching. Yikes!

    • There’s a creepy bin out behind it that looks like someone might use it to dispose of a dead body. I’ve read bones don’t decompose … not that I’d know anything about that! 😉

  2. I know … ironically enough, I happened upon this little gem on a bike ride and pedalled away quickly when I saw the “decomposition bin.” 😐

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