A Mother’s Guilt


Peer pressure could dictate what happened within those classroom walls every day, what she couldn’t see and dare not imagine. She feared what happened in those hallways, in the locker room.

Secure entrances obscured what potential danger threatened to hurt the child she sent on a yellow bus every morning, away from her loving care and protection. He might get in trouble, get suspended, but nothing weighed heavier than the everyday threat of lockdown, sending  kids scrambling to hide if one of them sought revenge on another.

Who would stop them from inside?


100 Word Challenge – writing prompt: trouble


  1. Oh my goodness YES! Kids are so much worse to each other EVERY DAY than we realize. Kids were mean when we were the kids but today? I can’t imagine. It’s not just the physical but the emotional and psychological too. So yeah: lock the schools down but never mind the war going on inside. ~Steph


    • It’s like they aren’t developing any empathy. I read something today that struck a chord with me: “Part of being a moral human being is caring about OTHER PEOPLE’S lives.” Jessica Valenti

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