Before she even had a chance to blow a noisemaker and ring in the new year, the party took a sudden turn for the worst when a fight broke out on the alcove. The capacious room shrunk to a crowded mess when a huge man with bulging eyes punched the guy across from him. Fists began swinging to and fro, barely missing the smaller fellow’s petite date beside him as he took a right hook to the jaw.

The jocular atmosphere and all air was sucked from the room with a unanimous guffaw as the little guy collapsed to the floor. His lady friend glanced down at him before bellowing, “Oh, no, you didn’t!” She descended on the brute who struck him.

She turned into a human dynamo, blasting the aggressor with a verbal and physical assault he neither expected nor from which he could defend himself. Other partygoers grabbed the woman from behind to pull her off the man who hurt her partner and restrained her from doing further damage. Her arms and legs flailed, and her black party dress swirled violently around her body.

Expletives continued to fly as she was carried away, a champagne flute flung in her wake. The woman’s poor boyfriend was still rubbing his jaw as he sheepishly followed her out into the hallway.

“Damn, that woman packed a helluva punch,” said the big guy. “Should given her have a chance to fight instead of walloping that little boyfriend.” A buddy asked him, “What started it all in the first place?”

“It was pretty strange,” he answered. “We were talking about New Year’s resolutions, and her boyfriend said he wanted to work out more.” The other man looked at him quizzically and shrugged.

The big guy tipped his head sideways and continued. “I agreed with the dude, that he could stand to beef up his physique. She, on the other hand, said she wanted to lose some weight. And I agreed.”

“Oh, no, man,” his friend replied. “You didn’t!”

The tough one nodded smugly, broad shoulders shaking as he laughed. “Yeah, I said she should join her man at the gym. So she got insulted and started mouthing off to me. The little bastard poked me in the chest, trying to take up for his woman, which was pretty ballsy for someone so small. I couldn’t let the punk get away with it. Then she went nutso.”

The two of them clinked their drinks together in a jesting manner. The bigger man breathed deeply, which puffed up his chest, and let out a heavy sigh. “Yea, maybe she should look into some anger management, too. Quite a way to ruin the party.”

His friend giggled nervously in disbelief, mumbled a quick New Year’s salutation, and excused himself to the restroom.

*Studio 30+ writing prompts – jocular & jesting

Image via Flickr s30p



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