This is what it's like driving through the Karoo desert

The highway stretched out evenly, no curves whatsoever, where I saw the car veer off into the ditch and overturn. It was a beautiful green Mustang, vintage. I don’t know much about cars, but it was an old one. A convertible, as a matter of fact, so the people never had a chance.

I should have stopped but was on my way to meet my friend, Kristine, for lunch. She’d just broken up with her boyfriend and had been pretty upset, so I didn’t want to be late. Plus, I don’t do well in stressful situations. Dealing with Kristine was going to be bad enough. She’s pretty high-maintenance.

The last bit of carnage was visible in my rear-view mirror as I drove away. Some type of scarf or long see-through piece of material blew up over the top before the vehicle crashed. It billowed out from around the driver’s head and cascaded across the empty field after the hunk of twisted metal came to rest. The opaque fabric was still floating skyward when the dust began to settle from the aftermath.

I called 9-1-1, I’m not totally heartless. There was simply nothing I could do. I have no medical training and I’m absolutely no good in an emergency. Other drivers who came upon the wreck pulled over on the shoulder, so I know others were there to help.

The newspaper had a story the next day about the young couple who died in the accident – a tragedy really. They were actually on their way to their wedding. Such a waste.

Reading the article made me realize the woman’s veil was swept into the air at the scene. It gave me chills. Maybe her soul escaped along with it. I believe in providence, so I’d like to think it did.

*The Studio 30+ prompt I should have stopped originally came from Joe.

Studio30Does anyone recognize Kristine?

(image via S. Marx on Flickr)


  1. I agree with Tara. Poor Mustang. I doubt anything went with the veil, though. They just hurt like hell for a few seconds (maybe minutes), and then weren’t alive anymore. So sad.

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