Come to the cabaret

cabaret The show was in town for a short run, so Curtis knew they had to get there fast. Rumor had it the act was a “don’t miss,” so he wanted to see if it lived up to the hype. The exhibit’s description stole him but also left him skeptical.

How could all those oddities be shown in one place and still be considered legal? Really, daredevils who chew broken glass and eat fire to a heavily-tattooed woman over six feet tall who spins plates on something stuck in her … anatomy?

It sounded like one hell of the freak show. He said, “If it costs that much on the weekend, then how much is Thursday?” Curtis figured that night kicks off the weekend anyway, but he always looked for a cheapskate chance to save a few bucks back for more beer. But this would be no ordinary burlesque.

As the last of his friends pulled the curtains closed behind him, Curtis squinted to see better as the tent darkened. A single spotlight illuminated a breathtaking, bare-chested beauty suspended above the crowd with her legs entwined in ribbons as she ascended to the lofty heights above them, their mouths agape in astonishment.

Her striped bustier reached only to the tops of her ribs, a toile tutu ringing its bottom stopped short of covering her nether regions. She began to spin above their heads.

Curtis exclaimed, “It’s going to be a fantastic night, boys!” Delighted, he pulled a camera from inside his vest and pointed it up at the aerial maiden’s areolas, a salacious smile spreading across his face. A muscle-bound bouncer appeared at the instant the flash illuminated the structure’s interior. He promptly reminded Curtis of the show’s ground rules and proceeded to smash the camera into bits. There’d be no evidence to roil the police if the houseman could help it.

The man barely noticed, his eyes transfixed to the big top’s ceiling. He couldn’t imagine the grand finale. A fabulous show, indeed.

*written in memory of a Bindlestiff Family Cirkus performance in Morgantown, WV long ago (also see and in anticipation of the premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show on October 8th.

I missed the gargleblaster deadline this week, so I thought I try a little moonshine instead.

cabaret girl image:

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