Bye Bye Birdy

At the least desirable moment, the worst possible time, the temperature begins to fall. Summer will end and make the world feel suddenly more volatile. The peaceful break once filled with hope for all things joyful becomes an aching descent into chill and decay.

Everything will soon slow into inaction so the earth can sleep and rejuvenate in winter’s incubation.

High above, arcuates etched in the sky signal migration’s inevitable change of season. Such distant sentinels mark the finality of my dread, as avian abandon means time is ticking.

Leaves soon fall and quickly morph into a dying landscape.

Light deprivation looms close, and depression may follow. Fly away. There’s no going back.

The Studio 30+ writing prompt “Summer will end” was originally written by Laura.


    • Seasonal change can be emotional, at least in my opinion. Winter makes me sad, but I live in the cold, messy Midwestern U.S. Trouble is, the summer’s humidity is super uncomfortable, too. I suppose nowhere is perfect.
      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  1. That is exactly how the autumn feels sometimes, like a holding pattern for winter and despair. The birds are lucky to be able to fly away.

    I’m still savoring every moment of summer right now, hope you are too.

  2. I imagine Seasonal Blues much like this. Living in a warm weather state, we don’t usually get the full force of fall and winter. This is a good thing in so many ways.

  3. I, too, envy the birds. The only thing here with which I disagree is the first sentence – that part about “the worst possible time.” There is NO good time for it, so it’s always the worst possible time! 🙂

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