We might be going for a ride later. The driver said he’s taking us to Denver this time. I hope we’re back for dinner, though, because those other people start heading to the dining room about 5 o’clock.  I need to be at my table.

We had a good piano player last week. He took requests, but I didn’t ask for anything special. My daughter said she’d be by later today. I wonder what time she’ll get here. It’s been days since I’ve seen her.

This is a nice place where I’m working. I help out a lot of the time, and they are pretty good people. It helps that I had so much experience when I lived in the city. They really need the help with so many people here.

I remember when I used to live in the city and had all my things there with me. My husband worked a lot. He was a good man, gave us all a home, took care of us. The kids were always well-fed, loved, and we taught them to be respectful. They miss their father a lot. He’s buried back home.

It’s almost time to go to Kansas City now. There sure are a lot of places to go shopping there.  My daughter and I went just last week. We picked up so many nice things. But I had to come back here, you know. There’s so much to be done.

beneath weeping willow
courtesy: Elsie esq on Flickr

I miss living back home, but things have changed. Maybe I’ll get used to it. We have plenty to eat, and I watch my programs, look at my newspaper. Folks say it will be all right. It’s like the weeping willow – you can stretch and bend, just like the willow’s branches, but be flexible so you don’t break. It won’t break me.

Yesterday I was sort of tired and took a nap before I went to get my hair done. It’s much easier to take care of now. There was nothing on television, so I slept for awhile. I was waiting for my daughter to come. She was here to see me the day before. My son says he’ll be by sometime. We are going to go back to the city, back home. We’ll return before dark, though. I don’t like to drive at night.

The lady in the next room is friendly. She says ‘hello’ when I walk by on my way up to eat. Sometimes I help her. There’s a lot to be done.

(This is an imagined inner monologue of a loved one who is trying to accept the changes in her life upon moving into nursing care.  I often wonder how confusing it must be, considering her dementia, to wake up every day in an unfamiliar environment. I vow to not watch the end of my life go by while lying in a bed.) 

Studio 30+

Another great writing prompt (weeping willow) inspired this post. Check out Studio 30 Plus if you’re a writer who wants to participate.


  1. I loved the simplicity of this. I loved how she just goes with things. You don’t sense fear or anger or even too much confusion… Nice slow easy pace which is perfect for a weeping willow!

    • Thanks, Marie! She is confused but lucid most times, content in her own way but peaceful in her confusion. It’s sad to know she thinks some of these thoughts when they are so far from the truth, but whatever keep her happy and feeling safe is all that matters. Obviously, I’m bothered about the situation more than her.

  2. My mother sadly grows more and more peaceful in her confusion, so I related to this a great deal. She is almost 84 lives at home with dad 85, does not wish to go into a Retirement Village or nursing home. I shall be there for them whenever I can…it’s rough at the moment. This was written beautifully.

    • Thank you so much! It’s hard to watch their personality change. My aunt is 89, is content, but still very confused about what happens on a daily basis. Her daughter is there every day, but my aunt’s short-term memory keeps her from the realization. It’s heart-wrenching.
      All the best to your family.

  3. It’s beautiful, and powerful in its brevity, and in the simplicity of her train of thought. My dad had dementia and (probably) Alzheimer’s, and I often marveled at his ability to find happiness in that strange back and forth between his present and his ancient past.

    • It is amazing, Joe. She’ll remember something from so long ago and talk like it happened yesterday, but then she can’t remember something else from yesterday. I keep telling myself that she’s happy where she is and that’s all that really matters. Thanks for replying.

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