Recipe Records the 60’s Edition – review

the '60s Edition
Recipe Records

This post delves into new territory for me – a review of Recipe Records – the 60’s Edition.  Even though I read a lot of books, I only submit anything resembling a review either on Goodreads or Amazon to brag up someone’s work I wish other people to enjoy as much as I did.  So this time I’m doing so here!

I have yet to completely pan anything.  Negativity sucks — I don’t like to get it, much less give it as feedback.  Such is absolutely not the case here, as I have all good things to say about this honorific cookbook.  Double the reason I want to review Recipe Records – the 60’s Edition. The irony is I don’t cook!  It’s tedious, boring and nerve racking all at the same time.  Who has that kind of time-management skill?  Suffice to say, this little gem of a book makes me want to reach into another foreign area — the oven.

Lanea Stagg partnered with her friend, Maggie McHugh, who died young shortly after the initial project reached its fruition.  What began on a whim became a fun way for these authors to reach out to mutual music lovers and culinary crusaders.  The 60’s Edition serves in part as a tribute to a cherished friendship while making a statement of popular music’s value in culture and every-day life.  Anecdotes parsed out the book make it much more than simply a step-by-step directional guide.  It reads as a concise historical piece and nostalgic look back at music with clever connections to food.  A perfect combination of two things I love … eating and all things pop culture.  And the recipes sound yummy, too.

Yes, I am one of the people who endorsed the book within its pages.  So I’ll repeat — these feisty women precisely mix their love of cooking and music to a greater yield than I previously knew.  Copies of the book are available at Recipe Records.  Lanea also blogs at Rock Blocks and hosts her own internet radio show.  Check them out!

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