Nothing is better than free, right?

It’s not an obsession … I promise! Here is yet another post celebrating a book series I discovered and praising the first in the series being free on Kindle today.  Hugh Howey‘s Wool is the first novelette in his five-part Wool series. It’s time for you to snatch it up at no charge on Amazon before it’s too late, because I think it’s been free for at least a week.  Just imagine, you will be one of the people in on the next popular series everyone is reading. Oh, the humanity!

Forget Hogwart’s, Twihards, and 50 Shaders. This work of speculative fiction grips you from its claustrophobic beginning to its enigmatic ending. Warning, though, you will not be able to resist temptation in purchasing the rest of the series. Pittance, pittance, I tell you.  It costs so little to be savvy to the next Best Seller. Read it before you see the upcoming movie version. You’ll be glad you did.

If you like post-apocalyptic stories written by a creative wordsmith like Howey, you will not be disappointed in this series.

Howey takes you into an underground world that shields survivors when the atmosphere outside is not safe. But is it safe inside either?

The only cost to you is the short amount of time you will speed through this e-book and the other paltry dollars you will spend to buy the other four books and the prequel. I can’t wait to read the front story,  First Shift-Legacy, myself.  Yes, I’m the one who says to only trust reviews by people you know, trust, or whose opinions mean something to you. Well … heed my advice anyway. Check out this Kindle book, and happy freebie reading!

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