WWW Wednesdays (25th July)

WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme held over on Should be Reading. To play along just answer the following questions.

What are you currently reading?

It’s gone from embarrassed to an ashamed admission that I am still reading Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country.  *sigh*  I just can’t get through it quickly, but at least book club was pushed back a few days!  My little guy and I are also in the process of reading a fun little chapter book, My Monster Burrufu by Alberto Corral.  We both like it a lot and adore the beautifully illustrated pages by Alessandra Sorrentino.  Seriously, somebody should animate this thing!

What did you recently finish reading?

A happy little Kindle freebie called Yiddish Yoga: Ruthie’s Adventures in Love, Loss and the Lotus Position by Lisa Grunberger was a simple delight.  I’m enthralled by Yiddish, so I got to brush up some vocabulary!

What do you think you’ll read next?

Perhaps I’ll try Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, as I’ve had it on my Kindle forever and just haven’t gotten to it.  Slaughterhouse-Five wasn’t a favorite, but this was super inexpensive on Amazon once upon a time.

Share what you’re reading!


  1. I remember enjoying Breakfast too. I keep reading his books here and there, I will get to them all eventually. I really liked Hocus Pocus and Cat’s Cradle – good stuff. Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I haven’t read Breakfast of Champions. I’ve only ever read Slaughterhouse-five from him. I liked it, though. It’s okay to spend awhile on books., don’t be ashamed. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. My husband and I listened to Bryson’s audiobook of In a Sunburned Country and loved it. I’ve never read one of his books, I don’t think, but have listened to most of them on audio. His snarky point of view is fun!

    Yiddish yoga sounds like a hoot!

  4. You amaze me Katy! Thanks for keeping me up to date with the reading world…and making me feel cool…

    • I’m tellin’ ya — you need to join goodreads.com. There are so many great recommendations and reviews there. It, too, can get cliquey like everything else. Other than that & anonymity’s tendency to a make person snarkier, it’s lot of fun. lol

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