Five movie characters who changed my view

This concept was “borrowed” from an article at 5 Movie Characters.  The subject of actors/characters in these big roles are all playing parts I admire for a variety of reasons.  They may not have actually changed my view, but this is a list of people who stood out in my mind and portrayed unique female examples of independence and compassion.  All of them are tough in the face of adversity while maintaining family bonds and compassion.

Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird – For it’s time, the maturity and insight embodied in Scout and her questioning of life shed a light on issues of the day and present times.  We should all ask the same things Scout did about society and humankind’s inhumanity to humankind.

Lesson Learned:  Even the youngest girls can serve as the best role models.

Sorhya in The Stoning of Soraya M.  What modern woman in a first-world country can imagine such horrific conditions as chattel?

Lesson Learned:  We may not have it as bad here as we thought.

Ree in Winter’s Bone  Daniel Woodrell is awesome, too  A seemingly fearless young woman, even as a fictitious character, literally brings home the bacon (or squirrel, if you will) fries it up in a pan, and got up-close-and-personal with her father’s corpse.  And a native daughter to boot.  It’s funny, though, how male writers sometimes do such a great job at female characterization.  I also love to see an Ozarkian author do so well and have their book made into a successful indie film.

Lesson Learned:  You’re stronger than you think.

Samantha Caine, aka Charley in Long Kiss Goodnight – Kicks ass!  I thought I heard a sound one night when my roommate was away and stood behind my locked bedroom door trembling for awhile.  Ultimately, I asked myself, “What would Geena Davis do?”  Somehow I had the courage to crack the door and fortunately peer out at nothing and nobody in our apartment.

Lesson Learned:  Even in Hollywood, whoever seems to be a “well-mannered single mother” may surprise you with her superhuman abilities.

The Black Mamba in, sorry to say it, but Kill Bill –  Uma Thurman is awesome  The scenes in both Vol. I and Vol. II are violently ugly and over-the-top, but I still love to see the so-called Bride seeking her vengeance for a change.  It’s trippy to watch her literally climb from the grave, yet it’s a newer kind of surrealism.  She is no damsel-in-distress waiting for rescue.  She is the protagonist, ala Bruce Lee, who fights for her daughter and wins in the end.  Momma didn’t pay for those karate lessons for nothin’!

Lesson Learned:  You are all you need.  

The ages here don’t matter … the smarts, strength and heart do.

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