The e-dilemma

Indie authors are able choose to self-publish through a growing variety of means online, including my Kindle Direct Publishing favorite.  Of course, there are a million different people (including traditional publishers and traditionally published authors) who vilify the whole idea and claim electronic reading will eventually kill books as we know them.

“Traditionalists attack e-books because they are not enough like print books. The electronic literary vanguard tends to dislike e-books because they are too much like real books.”  Robert Moor, blogger (within the post at n+1 blog)

Some readers say the same … “I like the feel of a printed book too much,” “You can’t beat the smell of a good ol’ book,” (ewww, I never understood that one), or “It’s the end of libraries.”  Those people must have moved all of their belongings to a new house fewer times than I have!

Personally, I love my Kindle, its light weight, its e-ink, its compact size I can carry in my purse, and especially its ability to produce thousands of titles at my fingertips.  It’s a tiny piece of magic, as far as I’m concerned.  This claim doesn’t even take into consideration the availability of so many free classics.  There is nothing much better than free!

As a strong supporter of e-texts and indie publishing, I contest they are the way the world of the written word is evolving.  What’s the old saying?  “Move along, or get out of the way.”  This progress is perhaps unwelcome in certain sets, but change is inevitable in most areas of life.

Civilization would be stuck in time without the industrial revolution.  The electronic evolution is upon us, and we must keep moving.  While my work is among millions of others on the planet, its being available as an e-text is the only way I can get it to potential readers.

I don’t wish to be famous and don’t claim to be fabulously talented either.  Writing is simply my creative outlet and an expression of myself.  Electronic publishing lets that happens.

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