Measuring success

A colleague at my job is all about the numbers. She specializes in statistics and wants to measure everything. Did this work? How could that work differently? What were the student outcomes? How can we quantify their learning? I believe there is value to measurement, especially in anticipation of future expectations.

That being said, I personally see my KDP Select “experiment” a successful test, albeit not an entirely scientific one. As far as numbers go, there have been 2295 downloads of “Contained.” It is amazing to fathom that many people even saw the title, much less wanted to try it.

There was, of course, one unit “returned.” This person obviously disliked it enough to actually get an Amazon refund. A heavy load of repulsion is required to return something that was free!  While I’d like to think the person accidentally duplicated the download (lol), I know the wicked truth.  Somebody could not stand it. That’s going to happen.  I feel the same way about some titles and would probably say so without thinking much about who wrote them.

A small boost comes from a Shelfari user, though.  She said, “Wow! A lot of story in just a few pages! ”  I’m so glad to see a positive comment.

Another online community I frequent had a thread about letting the comments roll off like water on a duck’s back. I must get to that point. The only thing that is personal is the reader’s choice of material, and something I would love someone else could hate.

So in answering my own question when engaging on this experiment, I need to look at things from the perspective of getting my work “out there.” This is a learning process, and there is knowledge to be gained via constructive criticism. Barring the anonymity of the internet and the possibility of bizarre feedback, I want to remain open to learning from experience and improving my writing. With humility.

I have never been accused of being a lady, but I can (and must) be humble by accepting a few knocks along the way.

Coming soon … “Tests of Will,” my new YA-ish work to be released this spring.

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