Day 11

If only my imagination were as delicious as my recent pumpkin latte at Hebrews Coffeehouse! I attended a local NaNoWriMo “write-in” last weekend and thought I’d kick things off with a favorite beverage. Alas, no burst of creativity came from that cappuccino offering. So here we are at Day 11 of the wonderful “National Novel Writing Month” of November, with my latest work in progress lingering below 5000 words. It’s not even hovering around 5K … slinking toward it at best.
It’s not for lack of motivation. The dot org offers up lots of tips and words of encouragement to keep your process progressing. Several people are trying the 11/11/11 approach today as well — writing for 11 eleven hours or at least an 11,111 word day. That brass ring of 50,000 words sure seems to be a long time coming.
My lull in work yesterday allowed a stint at hand-writing quite a bit, but now it’s time to type it all out and put some more down. So here’s to all the other busy working parents who are forcing their wordsmithing along this month, too (and many more coffees while we’re at it)!

And I have to give a quick thanks for all the U.S. Veterans who have selflessly served our country!  May you live long and prosper.

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